Buyers Cost Summary for Real Estate Purchases in Lee County

Upon Closing of the sale of real property, there will be certain buyers closing costs . The typical costs which may be incurred are listed below. Please keep in mind that these expenses are not all inclusive. The expenses shown below are listed as they would be traditionally for either the Buyer or the Seller but they can be the responsibility of either or both.


Recording Deed


Termite Inspection

Insurance Policy

Flood Insurance

Processing Fee

Prorating of real property taxes

Prorating of maintenance fees

Mold Inspection

Well Test 1 Sulfur 1 Sodium

Compliance Fee $__________


Mortgage title insurance policy                                      Assumption fee on existing

Service fee or origination fee on new mortgage             Intangible tax .002 on new mortgage

Documentary stamps on note                                         Recording mortgage

(.35 per $100 on mortgage)                                          Credit report

Lender’s attorney fees                                                    Escrow account (taxes and insurance)

Appraisal fee


Escrow deposit checks must be deposited immediately upon receipt. In the event a refund becomes necessary, the funds will be returned when the check clears the bank. Make escrow checks out to:_____________________________________________________________________________________


The city of Cape Coral has undertaken an extensive expansion program of water and sewer improvements in many areas of the city. Lee County has also begun an expansion program in certain parts of unincorporated Lee County such as Lehigh Acres. The property, which you contracted to purchase, may or may not be in the area currently planned for water and/ or sewer  expansion  service. As water and/ or sewer service become available, individual property owners will be assessed at that time. Please contact the clerk’s office for the City of Cape Coral or the clerk’s office for Lee County for information regarding water and/ or sewer availability and existing or pending assessments. Homes on well water may contain hydrogen sulfide or lead and should be tested.


Due to several zoning changes in county and the implementation of the Cape Coral Comprehensive Plan, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to make sure existing zoning and other pertinent regulations allow for the buyers intended use of the property.


Buyers are to ascertain from all Governmental agencies that the Land is suitable for intended purpose and requirements thereto. Burrowing Owls, Gopher Tortoise and Bald Eagle nests can limit and/ or restrict construction on your property . It is the buyer’s  responsibility to inspect the property and abide by city, state and federal guidelines.


School districts are not guaranteed. Contact the Lee County School Board (239) 377-8248


The buyer acknowledges that pursuant to rule 1 OD-06.053 (Florida Administrative Code) whenever the use of an onsite sewage disposal system is discontinued following connection to a sanitary sewer, the system shall be abandoned within 30 days and any further use of the system shall be prohibited. Contact the local governmental utilities department for further regulations.


Radon gas is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that, when it has accumulated in a building in sufficient quantities, may present  health risks to person(s) who are exposed to it over time. Levels of radon gas that exceed federal and state guidelines have been found in buildings in Florida. Additional information regarding radon gas and radon testing may be obtained from your county public health unit.


The home you are interested in purchasing may be homesteaded. Homesteading a home caps the tax assessments on the home during ownership. A change in ownership or title on the property may change the tax basis on the property. MLS records do not necessarily reflect current tax assessments.