Fort Myers Property Management

As investors from all over the world scramble to take advantage of the great deals and look to real estate as an investment for the future, Fort Myers Florida has become one of the hottest spots in the nation. Making Fort Myers property management companies more important than ever.

Fort Myers Property Management

For years property management has been a pretty easy concept but not an easy job. Get units rented, take tenant requests, collect the rent and send the owner a check. Easy, right? Not so fast.
Before an owner would come to you with a property or two and ask you to manage it for them. They either did not like taking late calls for water leaks or dealing with the heartbreaking stories on why they can’t pay rent.

Today it is much more fast paced and demanding. Owners who are serious about investing come to you with 10 to 100 properties and expect that you have the systems and procedures in place to make sure the tenants are switched over and happy in days and everything is running smoothly.

Anyone can take a rent and send a check. What landlords are looking for today is peace of mind and communication. This way they can continue to grow their portfolio and work together with the management company as a team with a common goal.

At Key Real Estate we do just that. We offer state of the art software that focuses solely on communication and ease of doing business. There are features that no other management company can offer in the world because we have exclusive rights to the software. Things like a live running rent roll, the ability to pull and customize your own reports whenever you want and being able to see the conversations between the manager, tenants and the vendors as they happen. All this from your computer, laptop, or phone.

So check us out and see what makes Key Real Estate different. Please call us at 239-281-8086 and get a free quote.