Maintenance Procedures

Maintenance Procedures are an intricate part of property management. And at Key Real Estate we take them very seriously. We do not have any handymen on staff nor up charge for any service calls. I believe that to be a conflict of interest and can only lead to questions if there are continuing issues with the home.

We do continually monitor maintenance calls year after year. Maintenance is a very big part of the overall return on your investment at the end of the year. My goal is to see where the calls are coming in and try to lower the percentage of rents versus vendor payouts each month. We continually try to think forward to see what we can do to minimize future expenses and make them more streamlined and predictable.

However, when something does come up and the tenant calls, we do not do any work or send anyone out that will charge for anything without the owners approval period unless it is deemed an emergency. The only thing that is determined an emergency is no water or flooding of the unit. Otherwise everyone on the Key Real Estate team knows that if they order something that the owner did not approve and does not want to pay, they will be responsible to pay the vendor. No work is done without owner approval regardless of the price.

We also have several owners have their own handyman the prefer to work with. If you have your own vendors, they will be entered into the property management software and they will be the first to be called with a follow up email to the owner.

We have a lot of owners that buy properties and need fixing up. We also have tenants that have moved out and left the properties less than desirable. Any repairs and or home improvements that cost more than $500 will receive 3 bids from certified vendors for that job. If you would like for your vendor to bid on that as well, please let us know and it will be done. However, we strongly recommend that you have someone certified in that field look at it. If you have an A/C issue and you want your plumber to take a look at it make sure they know exactly what they are doing.

As always, communication is the most important thing in any relationship. We continually strive to keep the communication flowing in both directions and the owner portals are a great help. If you have any questions on how we handle individual situations please contact us and we will be glad to answer them.