Welcome New Owners

Welcome New Owners

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for giving us the opportunity to work together and to introduce you to our team that you will most likely be coming in contact with soon. As new owners it is important to know who to talk to and get answers as quick as possible.

Catherine Coffey is our Property Manager with a CRPM designation. She comes with over ten years experience dealing with every aspect of tenant management, approval and collections. She is great with the tenants and quick to get any answers you need. You can reach her at 239-454-3749 Ext 6 or email her at Catherine.keyrealestate@yahoo.com


Mirena Figueredo handles most of the incoming maintenance calls and gets them to the owners for approvals as well as setting up the appointments with the tenants. She can get you whatever you may need from invoices to statements as well as leases. You can reach her at 239-454-3749 Ext 4 or Mirena.figueredo@yahoo.com .

Lindsey Bergey is also on our maintenance team handing service calls, dealing with tenant issues and rental collections. She also reviews invoices and billing. You can reach Lindsey at 239-454-3749 Ext 4 and email her at Lindsey.keyrealestate@yahoo.com

Rental and Marketing

Vickie Ellison is one of  our rental directors and she also handles some marketing, property inspections before and after maintenance calls, leasing,  notices and general management. She can be reached at 239-454-3749 Ext 5 or email at Vickiehasitall@gmail.com

Jennifer Hodson is another rental director who handles marketing, leasing, inspections, website management and general management. She can be reached at 239-454-3749 Ext 5 or Jenniferhodson01@gmail.com .

And I will be handling everything else including payouts, statements and owner portals. If you have any questions or if there is something you need, please feel free to contact any one of us and we will be happy to get whatever you may need. I look forward to working with you and building a long lasting relationship.

Kind Regards,

Dan Norden