Owner Portals

Communication is key when it comes to property management. With the property management software that we use, the owners and the tenants will have their own portals which will give them access to the information that is uploaded into the system as well as another way in which we can communicate. Owner portals are very convenient in the fact that you can have access to all of you documents in one easy location.

As an owner you will have access to all of the leases that are uploaded as well as any invoices for the work that is done. You will also have any documents related to you property such as bills, IRA info, and management agreements. It is web based so you will have access to it from any where. You can also contact us and approve any work orders that have been sent to you either from us or from the tenant.

I will email you statements throughout the month on what is going on with your tenants and payments. At the end of the month I will upload the final statement with a summary of all of the transactions for the month into your portal so you will have everything in one place.

I know that a lot of times since you are getting your statements emailed to you that sometimes you forget how to get back into the owner portals or what the password is. If that happens you can call, email, or text me and I will reset your password and it will send you an email immediately.

If that happens, remember to copy and paste the password that is sent to you because they use characters. Put it into the area and then you can change it to whatever you want. Save the site to you favorites and you should be good to go.

I am constantly working with the software company to allow more access to the owner portals to enhance the communication. And since it is web based, they are constantly improving all aspects of the software. If you have any questions please feel free  to contact us and I will be glad to help.