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Buyers Cost Summary for Real Estate Purchases in Lee County

Upon Closing of the sale of real property, there will be certain buyers closing costs . The typical costs which may be incurred are listed below. Please keep in mind that these expenses are not all inclusive. The expenses shown below are listed as they would be traditionally for either the Buyer or the Seller but they can be the responsibility of either or both.

Expense  Of  Buyer:

  • Recording Deed
  • Survey
  • Termite Inspection
  • Insurance Policy
  • Flood Insurance
  • Processing Fee
  • Prorating of real property taxes
  • Prorating of maintenance fees
  • Mold Inspection
  • Well Test 1 Sulfur 1 Sodium
  • Compliance Fee $__________

Additional expenses of buyer if a mortgage is obtained:

  • Mortgage title insurance policy   
  • Assumption fee on existing
  • Service fee or origination fee on new mortgage  
  • Intangible tax .002 on new mortgage
  • Documentary stamps on note 
  • Recording mortgage
  • (.35 per $100 on mortgage)
  • Credit report
  • Lender’s attorney fees  
  • Escrow account (taxes and insurance)
  • Appraisal fee

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