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Welcome new Residents

I wanted to take a moment and welcome new tenants to the Key Real Estate Advisors Inc. Family. With all of the property management companies is Southwest Florida that tenants have to chose from, we are very grateful that you chose Key Real Estate Advisors Inc. to work with.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible property and give you the best possible service. If it was not for you, then there would not be a reason to have a property management company.


A recent national survey of tenants everywhere showed that 25% of tenant maintenance issues that were pointed out at the beginning of their were still not done at the end of their lease. Our goal is to have any maintenance issue done before you move in. However, with many different owners and maintenance personnel some things do get missed. If so not to worry. Our company policy is to have any repairs finished within 30 days. And any service calls answered that same day.


As always, communication is key to any relationship and at Key Real Estate Advisors Inc. we take that very seriously. From 9 to 5 you will able to call the office and get a live person to answer your questions. We have an emergency phone number for all maintenance issues for after hours.

Walk Through

Upon moving in, one of our staff will come out and do a personal walk through with you to make sure everything is satisfactory for you and address any maintenance or security deposit issues you may have. As well as showing you the basics and tips on how to take care of and maintain the home.

I want to thank you again for choosing Key Real Estate Advisors Inc.. We value your business and look forward to a long lasting relationship.

Dan Norden

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