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"I have 12 units in a challenging location managed by Dan Norden and his team at Key Real Estate. My experience has been positive- I would recommend them to other landlords seeking competent property management. Lindsey and Mimi in maintenance have worked hard to keep expenses reasonable and the tenants satisfied. This is a most difficult challenge and by far my largest expense. Catherine has been highly motivated to ensure that tenants remain current on their rent and has also done a great job increasing security deposits and reducing vacancies while gradually boosting my revenues. Jennifer as well has been aggressive marketing and filling the rental units- I appreciate all their hard work that allows me to be a long-distance investor. Communication with the entire team is key and where they all excel ."
- Tom Coine

"Lindsay and Mimi are always courteous and and attentive to any problem or issue I’ve had with my rental. Nicest real estate company I’ve ever dealt with."
- Jason Piller

"We’ve been with Dan Norden and Key Real Estate for over a year now and their crew are a class act. Mimi Figueredo and Lindsey Muniz, in the Maintenance Department. have helped us keep our expenses in check. Our previous experience with Goss Mgmt. was a nightmare."
- Jomar Valdes

"Key real estate remains one of the most diligent and detail oriented real estate advisors that I have worked with. They continue to find new and convenient ways to keep homeowners informed of property issues. Working with Dan, Mimi and Lindsey have been a pleasure. I can’t recommend them highly enough."
- Yuichi Haga

"overroll my experience with the company it’s soso, but Mimi Figueredo she always been very helpfull and always help me with my rentals problems! she is very competent and professional even when is not in her hands to make you happy!! thanks for having her working for you!"
- Allan Diaz

"After a very bad experience with another real estate management company I decided to give Dan Norden and his staff a try. It’s been 8 month since I’ve been doing business with them and I am pleased with the job done by his staff. My properties needed extensive renovation after the last tenants moved out and Mimi and Lindsey worked diligently to get the work done while keeping expenses as low as possible. Good communication is the key to happy tenants and landlords, which ultimately affects the bottom line."
- Laura Westley

"I have rented from Key Real Estate for over two years. My overall experience has been excellent. Lyndsey and Mimi are always on top of my request. They are always professional and courteous. I highly recommend Key Real Estates services. Happy Tenant"
- Angela Lasker

"My name is Jean Tagtmeir, Jennifer Hodson helped me find my apartment and was always helpful, always kept in touch, and was very pleasant to work with I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for real estate"
- Jean Tagtmeir

"I have been waiting 4 months for them to fix the problems in my duplex that have been here since i moved in. The a/c is broken and all of the ceiling fans are broken. I have called too many times to count and have gotten no response. Finally, i told them i was going to withhold the rent and they made an appointment for an a/c guy to come."
- Jomar Valdes

"Key real estate remains one of the most diligent and detail oriented real estate advisors that I have worked with. They continue to find new and convenient ways to keep homeowners informed of property issues. Working with Dan, Mimi and Lindsey have been a pleasure. I can’t recommend them highly enough."
- Heather Quashnie

"Lindsey is always helpful if we have any issues fixed fast and always friendly when we call
** It was a great pleasure to work with you, again, just like the first time. And I appreciate your great knowledge and your personal skills and that you are so trustworthy, these days many people you come across just try to get over on you and lie right in your face. You are an exemption, you are “Old School” just like us, you’re the real deal!
We would definitely love to stay in contact with you and yes, we will let you know when we come visit and then we can go out again and we enjoyed your company and your interesting stories just as much!
We wish you the very best and have a good time and be safe until we see each other again!
Hugs, Stefanie and Ralph
**Everyone there is amazing- particularly Vanessa! Your realtors who located the tenant are also very quick to respond as well. I sent a new client your way too– the people who wanted to rent my place. I am just thrilled it rented so quickly. Just affirmed I was worried for nothing."

- Brandon Adams

"Thank you so much for taking care of this for us!  You are awesome!!  We are always happy about the service provided by you and your team!!! 🙂"
- Jonathan & Phyllis

"I really liked reading this letter. It sounds as though communication, although it has been good, will now be even better and more clear with this new program. I am looking forward to it. Thanks for the great job you’re doing."
- Bob

"Dan I really appreciate your help and your sincere interest in helping me out."
- Saleem

"Doing a great job.
When I plan to come to Ft Myers area, can I speak with you or one of your agents about buying property? Haven’t set a date yet. Maybe Oct."

- Cheryl

"You guys have been doing great and all the tenants are paying so great Job to you and your team.  We actually have purchased a new home here so working hard to get moved in so traveling has been a little limited lol .  We are looking forward to getting back to Florida but will probably be end of December. As always Stef and I appreciate all you do every day.  Nice Jo"
- Greg

" That’s great! I’m glad I have a great team and company to be there when to answer and resolve any problems!!!! Thanks"
- Troy

"Thanks for staying on top of everything.  We really appreciate it, Dan."
- Pat

"hat’s awesome Jamie.  Good job! Those all sound like good tenants too. Thanks again for all your efforts."
- Dave

"Thanks again for all your hard work getting these properties up to par."
- Cheryl

"I like this idea of giving people a second chance. We all make mistakes and we have been given a second chance to restore our lives one way or the other.
Thanks for making the world a better place. Happy Thanksgiving!"

- Nathan

"Very clear and of course very convenient for the owners. Thanks and have a wonderful thanksgiving day, you and your family"
- Hugo

" Thank you so much for everything. You and your company have been great to us. We hope you have a wonderful Holiday and a very Happy New Year."
- Kathy and Diane

"Thanks again for the time today, I compliment you on your organization skills, which is hard to find , let alone among realtors , viewing six properties in an hour and a half, certainly made the trip over worth it."
- Russ

"I just wanted to thank you for taking time out of your day to show me the properties.
It was great meeting your staff as well, face to face. I have sent positive feedback to my contacts invested in the Florida and will not hesitate to refer investors to your company.
When I am next in Florida, I will definitely have a longer stay so I can at least see the beach.
Thanks again,"

- Orson A.