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Home Insurance Coverage and Trampolines

Dan Norden - Thursday, September 12, 2019

Did you know your home insurance company could drop your coverage for having a trampoline on the property? Yes, that's right! Many insurers simply consider trampolines too costly to insure due to the liability risks. Some insurance companies may provide coverage if some requirements are met but if the trampoline isn't deemed safe, or if the requirements aren't met, your homeowners' policy may be canceled. 

If your policy excludes trampolines altogether, purchasing one could also lead to coverage cancellation. In some cases, an insurance company may offer a trampoline exclusion provision — meaning if someone sustains an injury, you would automatically have to pay the medical bills out-of-pocket. That means you could be held liable for any resulting accidents, even if someone is on your property without your knowledge. So should the kid next door furtively practice her tumbling routine, fumble the dismount, and sustain a serious injury — you will most likely get dragged into the suit as well because you own the property.

Some of the rules we have to enforce as a Property Management company may seem unfair but we always have the owners and tenants safety and hearts in mind. It's our policy for all renters to obtain renters insurance, which is subject to the same guidelines as a homeowners policy. If an insurance carrier allows trampolines for homeowners, it will likely do the same for renters and vice versa if it bans them. If you have a company that does cover trampolines, verify what the requirements are and that you are following them at all times. It is always better to be safe than sorry if anything were to happen.