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Key Notes : Air Conditioning Cages

System - Monday, February 6, 2012

Last month in our newsletter Gas, Grass and Copper I had mentioned about the rising cost of copper and the increase in Air Conditioning thefts in Southwest Florida. Since then I have shopped all around and I have found a company called All For Him Services that can install an A/C cage for $220 painted, built and secured with a lock. I actually found him through another owner. If you would like pictures, I can supply them for you.

I really appreciate all the feedback that I get when I send you out the updates. With all the advice we get from all over, it helps us all to get better quality and better service. 


Mason Hill Clients

Recently I found out that Mason Hill is sending emails to previous tenants trying to collect funds from them. I have already notified all of the tenants that the company is in receivership and they are not to pay them anything. We only had a week to get everything transferred over but we were able to contact all of the tenants and your funds should be safe. Unfortunately everything they had from last month is being held by the Federal government.

Tenant Portals

Next month I believe we will have all the emails for all of the tenants. Remarkably, all but a couple had them and preferred to use them. Which means that next month they will be going live with their own portal and you will be able to see service requests and requests for funds to be withdrawn for their rent. We have quite a few that use ACH now so they do not have to drive or pay for postage. It has been very convenient for them.

If you want any AC cages, please let me know and I will get them on it. The gentlemans name is Frankie Hamm and his number is 239-321-1177 if you  would like to get more information. Thanks again for all the support and suggestions.


Have a great weekend.